children chatter

Babies, babies, babies was one of my favorite sections in a magazine I used to subscribe to. I loved the birth stories, the nursing stories...all the baby stuff! During that time, my mom gave birth to my baby sister - 18 years older than me, but, none-the-less we are fiercely connected and devoted to each other. Little did I know that all the research and practice I put into caring and loving her would be what I would spend ten years of my life doing for countless children who became so dear to me. Through my innate and sometimes overwhelming creativity, I could not go through my days with these kiddos without determined passion to reach their lives and their very souls. It became my joyful ambition to be the best teacher ever, and with the examples of my two favorite teachers, Fraulein Maria (The Sound of Music) and Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins), I hugged and sung and dramatically drew these little ones into the magic of life!!!