I have read lots of manuals on writing and been assigned tons of writing practice...I tried for a good while to do the whole stream of consciousness writing and got so agitated, annoyed and bored that I finally, for my own sanity, stopped.

I love Anne Lamott and her memoirs on life and faith. It seems that she writes when a light, even a small spark, ignites her heart; when a refreshing, relieving air fills her lungs. And this is what I try to do. I write down the flickers of hope and happiness and sometimes the sadness that descends on me daily and in so writing, I realize the tender gift each day brings. Plus, like Anne Lamott, I try to be decidedly honest, even when it might make me look bad...I love when people just lay it out like it is...this is a courage that I respect and an acceptance of imperfect humanity.

I am currently avidly working on two blogs...this one where all that excites and troubles me in life is addressed...and my baby blog, where I finally have an outlet to share with parents and teachers the things that ignite little children's souls...