I love all things old-fashioned!!! My darling gal-pal, Martha, for years has intrigued me by her antique buying and creative antique decorating. I have created many imaginative things over the years as a kid and grownup and have decided to share my treasures with others. And yes, as Martha said I would, I have become addicted - so much fun!!! I love being able to take objects that already exist and infuse them with new life as well as sharing items as they already are. As a former teacher of young children, one thing I love is children's books and I try to use old children's book pictures in much of my upcycling. I am also a writer and music such, I love using lyrics, quotes and fun sayings in my art. 

It is immensely important that I have time for my art ~ whether writing, crafting or singing. I love the way this girl puts it in the song "Christmas Lullaby" from the musical Songs For A New World :

"I'll never have the power to control the land or conquer half the world or claim the sun. I'll never be the kind who simply waves her hand and has a million people do the things I wish I'd done. But in the eyes of heaven my place is assured; I carry with me heaven's grand design! Glory, oh, glory I will sing the name of the Lord, and He will make me shine. And I will be like Mother Mary with a blessing in my soul and I will give the world my eyes so they can see. And I will be like Mother Mary with a blessing in my soul and the future of the world inside of me!"

When I shop, I am extremely frugal and picky in what I must call to me in order for me to choose to take it home and find a home for it. I love this quote from artist Kristina Sabaite:

"Handmade means something warm and very personal. It means something is unique and made with care and with calm. A handmade object is a thing with a soul."