Me & Liz
Emily, Me & Christopher
Tommy & Kaylin

Staci & Michael

Aunt Bonnie & Major Thor


Kids: I will always consider my sister, Liz, to be partly my very own child. Being 18 years apart, she took my heart captive when she entered the world and stole me away into a deep, enduring, almost twin-like connection. Our bond is tighter than any between sisters I am sure and I cherish that I was able to help raise her and to have her as my fierce ally and joy always!

I have the sweetest stepchildren ever...from the day I met them, I knew they were a dear treasure...not at all your typical teen-agery type...Michael and his wife Staci, Kaylin and her fiance Tommy, Christopher and Emily. The way they have embraced me despite the sometimes hardness of adjusting to being a mommy of 6 has touched my heart in an intense way. They see me as being a strong and a safe place even when I feel weak and overwhelmed. I just want them to know that I love them unconditionally and cherish their warm trust and love for me.

Kitties: The eternal babies...they stay little and let me baby talk them even when they know that they are really big kids. Their sweet cuddles and purrs combined with their obstinate independence proves that they are my children as mommy is very much like this. Their simple yet clever ways of relying on and learning through their senses delights me. Toby will find fun in the thrill of befriending a spider out in the backyard and meeting it day after day in the same spot to solve the problems of the world. Tabitha's relationships in our home are cute to say the least...little cuddlebug with her daddy, annoying yet irresistible little minx with her siblings. Such personalities these babies have and we look forward to our growing brood.

Babies: Oh the topic that causes devastation many times in our married life. My husband had a vasectomy after his fourth was born, not knowing that he would be married to me some day at the time. I refuse for him to undergo unnecessary reversal surgery. If we are to have a child together, Jesus, will have to use his very capable power in making that happen. It still is something that I grieve over in seasons. However, in more joyful times (which is usually most of the time), I am grateful for the time I have to give birth to handmade and hand typed creativity and wonder if I would be able to go through the gestation and labor of  this imagination if I had little ones to care for. However, babies are coming right and left from siblings and stepkids and I am slowly but happily coming to see them not as something I don't have, but as babies that I can lavish with the animated gusto and jolliness of life!!!