Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween Meeting of the Black Cats

So our four year old kitty, Toby, lives with my mom and dad due to the fact that Toby once had a bad experience with living with another animal. When I moved in with my husband, there was a dog in the home so Toby stayed with mom and dad. And my mom needs Toby as her baby so much and Toby loves grandmama!

So baby Tabitha, now 8 months, came to live with us in April of this year. Being a baby it was easier for her to adjust to another animal.

Well today, October 31, 2011, we let them meet for the first time. Of course we kept Tabitha in her carrier and brought Toby outside. He slowly walked up to her and sniffed tentatively then, as to be expected with two black cats upon meeting and especially upon meeting on Halloween, he hissed at her over and over. She pretty much just sat there and looked at him.

You see Toby is our sweet "scaredy cat" and Tabitha is our rambunctious "curiousity killed the cat" cat. Silly Lovies!!!

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