Sunday, October 30, 2011

My New Endeavor...yes, I am endeavoring again...
mad hatter's tea party

harlequin romance table

So as is my habit, I wander from thing to thing trying to find what I want to do when I grow up. I have done so much: receptionist, therapy tech, home depot cashier, starbucks barista, sandwich maker, clothing sales lady and in between many of these I kept going back to teaching children (which brought in a little bit of money and a lot of hugs and imagination) and writing (which brought in no least not yet...but did bring much understanding of self and life).

I HAVE  to make money, actually it is something I put on myself...yes, of course we can always use money, but my husband has clearly and consistently taken the burden of making money away from me. However, I was single until age 35 and just can't shake the need to participate in the monetary needs of our family.

But I can't stomach going back to a "normal"; mainstream; morning, day or night shift job. I long to 1st: be a fun wife, happy mama and good friend and 2nd: be an imaginative artist specializing in writing about children and their needs, continuing in an online account of my own memoir on life, and thanks to my dear friend and aunt who gave me the darling vision, vintage upcycling.

The two links above are two Etsy shops, with picture examples, that have stood out to me for two various reasons: the 1st one because the settings of her pictures really magnify the items' quality and appeal; the 2nd one because the creative names the seller gives to her items appeal to my writer's mind.

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