Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Butter & Whipped Cream = DECADENT !!!

My husband introduced me to the most crazy-delicious combo a few months ago...bites of steak (seasoned with garlic salt) with dabs of butter on eat bite...I'm thinking pork chops and pork loin would taste amazing this way too...

Basics for Cooking a Great Steak:

My friend Natalie bared whipped cream a few years ago when serving scones with lemon curd. Instead of the way I had always done whipped cream with a little sugar and vanilla...she simply whipped it, adding nothing (she even miraculously whipped it by hand!). And the taste trio with the buttery scones, the sweet lemon curd and the deep, naked, dairy-rich whipped cream turned me into a fanatic! This basic, pristine, glorious froth calls me to use it in every dessert possible...I even think it will be the icing choice I go to for cakes...

I guess from these 2 favorites of my husband's and mine, I see that clean, unembellished and natural is best!!!

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