Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Dreamboat Life in the simplicity of my weekly schedule

MY DREAMBOAT LIFE...this pic is taken from the glorious blog Air Bohemia...

From the age of 28 to age 34 (I am 36 now), I had a very sad existence...I suffered greatly from depression, due to multiple things: brain chemicals, rebellion against my upbringing, confusion about God and Jesus, alcohol, jerky guys, etc. As much as I hated that time of my life, the practically magical life I have now would not be so appreciated by me if I had not had such deep lows. Many times, now, I just get a thrill throughout my whole body realizing the happiness I have now.

I had started coming around to some peace and hope in my 35th year, but when I met my husband, the puzzle of me began to find its place. He, with all grace and perfect love, helped me understand what had messed me up so much and why I had gone so off the deep end...much of it was me just not having balance in my life...I had lived in such extreme protectiveness in my youth, with a very messed up spiritual leadership and in defense had jumped into an another, opposite as it may be, but never the less, dark place to escape to...

All this to get around to where I am today. You see, in much of my depression I could not even hold a job and my days were filled with dreaded sadness and boredom...I had no drive or physical strength, a dull mind and hellish  anguish of heart. So this incredibly satisfying  and joyously fun schedule that I  have meticulously created for myself could not have existed in my past life...(I really do feel like it was a past life...pretty much like the scene where Dorothy goes from the drab Kansas to the colorful, bright, brimming world of Oz!)


Hubby: #1 priority every day
Kids and Kitties: care for every day
Listings: 10 new items a week (refers to my for sale vintage and upcycled vintage items)
Tidy: home every day
Sundays: clean
Mondays: cook/vintage work
Tuesdays: cook/ antiquing and thrifting with Martha
Wednesdays: vintage work/guitar practice
Thursdays: clean/cook
Fridays: garage saleing/visit family
Saturdays: grocery shop/cook

~ cleaning includes house straightening, cleaning and laundry
~ I am trying to learn guitar chords to accompany my adoration of singing
~ on Saturdays, I cook something simple like: brats, hamburger patties or eggs & bacon
~ on Sundays, I try to clean and tidy from the weekend so I'm not overwhelmed on Monday...a quick wash of bathroom, kitchen, tidying our bedroom and living room and keeping laundry going

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