Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My New Regimen - Bargain Shopping

Intense bargain shopping is my new regimen...I have for years been careful about my spending, but until I actually start to make money, I have limited myself to $20/week for my business...this usually gets spread between thrift/antique stores and craft stores...it is really cool to see what is extra-special to me as I have to sift through the things I like...I mean, seriously, I kinda freak a little if I spend over $1 on an item...tomorrow, I will post pics of the things I bought and the darling Christmas treasures my aunt gave me...and a great thanks to my father-in-law for buying me a phone with a camera that has a flash, cropping and all sorts of fun effects...it will be so much easier for me to take and share pics...oh, and my only plan for black Friday is to take our daughters and son (if he wants to go) to the 50% off sale at Goodwill....

Also, I am getting really excited about next week as homes will be lit of for Christmas...I love this time of year so much!!!

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