Monday, November 14, 2011

Neurosis: Over Analyzing Myself

Today I was thrifting at Goodwill and thinking back tonight I keep remembering a book title I saw and think I am going to have to go back and check it out more was called something like Recovering from the Neurosis of Over Analyzing Yourself...I know I suffer deeply from this neurosis...have been actually beating myself up for it all day and tonight as home is messy and I spent all day shopping, on a strict budget, but none the less...I can't tell you who have been honest about your own messy houses how this has brought relief to my mind millions of times...and I know in my head that taking care of my own life, my marriage and family, my home, my business must allow for messes and imperfections, but somehow it doesn't translate to the deep recesses of my heart and I am nagged constantly...

I am tired tonight and going to sleep and hopefully be gentler with myself tomorrow...any wisdom would be greatly appreciated...sweet dreams...

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