Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Summer's Musical: My Fair Lady!!!

Thrill of a day! I am a musical theatre fanatic...and my family and I have been involved with a local theatre for several years...I actually have only worked one of the shows as a crew member, but this year plan to rectify that and throw myself headlong into this summer's coming musical. Tonight was the show announcement and can I just say that when the overture started playing, I immediately squealed out and started is My Fair Lady, a musical that I have watched and sung and reveled in from early childhood!

The story and music are beautiful, written by Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Loewe, taken after the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. A poor, cockney girl with socially undeveloped accent and manners is taken under the wing of a proud English linguist in order for him to prove his genius with the English language...slowly, painfully he succeeds in his pursuit...the girl is mistaken from her true heritage and declared a princess!...but he takes all the credit and this time, the little cockney girl turned royalty gets her backbone and confronts him. Through their odd relationship, his heart is disclosed to him as she infringes into his very nerves with her darling roughness...and they hang on the edge of falling in love...

The thrill of my year - all Fall and Winter listening to Christmas songs & carols that just makes my heart dance and all Spring and Summer drenched to the nines in the My Fair Lady soundtrack!!! <3

"Someone's head laying on my knee...warm and tender as he can be...who takes good care of me...oh wouldn't it be loverly!!!" It is loverly...I have him in my life now...finally!!!

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