Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Hope Baby

my hope baby
I am excited with husband is a man of deep faith in Jesus Christ and he has watched me over this first year in our marriage struggle with the whole wanting a baby husband had a vasectomy after his fourth child in his previous marriage, not knowing at the time that he would be married to me of course. He is willing, but I refuse to let him go through reversal surgery (as I do not want him having unnecessary surgery).

But he has started saying that the reason we don't have a baby YET is because God knows something that we don't know...I love his faith; no matter the fact of his vasectomy, if Jesus wants us to have a baby, HE is fully capable of reversing it himself and letting me get pregnant....I posted this a few days ago and must post it again; it is how I both face and hope for a baby (in Jesus' way and in Jesus' time): Remember Sarah whose womb was all but dead: God brought it back to life for Isaac..."with God all things are possible":

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