Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wordless Weekends with Mini Captions: Scenes from the movie It's Complicated

I just loved the couple time this scene evoked..thought fancies of the hot tub we want to put out on our back soak in, eat ice cream and gab to our hearts content..

And the girl time of hysterical laughing while they slurp down a bottle of wine..I had my first 2 glasses, in several months, of Chardonnay last night..really, really enjoyed the taste and how it slowed my racing mind down..

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  1. One of my FAVORITE movies without a doubt. Would you believe that I recorded it last week along with The Music Teacher and my DVR has them but is not cooperating? I called the cable company and I have to take it in. Hope I don't lose it because I don't see it showing again soon.
    Could sure use one of those girl nights, INCLUDING THE CHARDONNAY. ;)


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