Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lymph Massage & Stretches

Health and Exercise:

My husband's lymph nodes don't drain as efficiently as they should so one of my main priorities is giving him massages that stimulate the lymph nodes...my husband whose love language is touch really enjoys this and I consider it a privilege both to help him feel good and to be learning lymph massage. We have an amazing therapist who has really impressed on us how good lymph massage is for everyone as a cancer preventative, and I plan to incorporate it into my own routine for myself and teach my family members. It really does make a difference! I also know irrevocably that I must get back into yoga...which I feel is a self-help way to massage organs in the body...lymph massage focus is to push the fluids into the main drain areas: under arms, stomach, groin, behind knees...our therapist massages organs pushing towards the drains. In the yoga info I have read, much of it are stretches that massage...I have come up with a condensed yoga regimen that I would like to fit into my schedule at least 2 times a day...it consists of 7 poses that really rejuvenate and release the body:

Standing forward bend: this is a great first stretch...it releases the whole body and feels so good... I find when my head is upside down that I get a lot of cranial relief
Standing back bend: I have heard that the through our spine is our connection to God...what I experience is when both my mind and my spine are at ease, I am in a place of peace...do this on tippy toes to promote strong ankles and calves

Wide-legged standing forward bend...again another cranial release and leg stretch
2nd position plie...glute and thigh stretch
Side stretch...hip and thigh stretch
standing twist...great massage for tummy and stretch for spine
standing cat/cow...amazing massage for the back...one of my instructors once told us that the cat curve is a great way to stretch and lengthen the spine...do this any time the back hurts...

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