Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mary, Did you Know? & Breath of Heaven

I had the great privilege this Christmas season of seeing two performances of "Mary, Did You Know"...a song whose lyrics and melody blow me away by their poignancy. They were very different in their deliverance, but both equally was by a man who has played the Phantom on Broadway...he delivered it with great strength and passion and brought the crowd to their feet...the other was a young girl from our church who sang with such depth of soul that I was swept away...she is a girl that I have only known a little and who seemed very shy, but when she sang, she was filled with the power and heart of God...I am honored...this version is by Michael English and was what we had played a year ago at our wedding during communion:


Years ago I took drama from a gentle but powerful Christian lady and one of the most special things I did was a one-woman soliloquy of Mary, the mother of Jesus...I used 2 scripts, one found in an old book called Christ and the Fine Arts - an amazing anthology of stories, poetry and prints. The other was from a book that I have no idea what the name is and I wish so badly that I could find it. It was a soul mesmerizing experience and I cherish the heart I gained for Jesus through it...

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