Friday, December 30, 2011

Rotisserie Chicken and Ground Round Recipes

Inspired by hubby's lunch at Jason's Deli, we had Chicken Baked Potatoes: MY WAY: bake washed and pricked potatoes in microwave, open and dollop with butter and sour cream, add grated cheese, top with chicken (we used deboned Rotisserie chickens from Walmart), roasted onions (I slice onions and bake in olive oil in oven) and salsa...this was amazing...I ate so much!!!
Hamburger Patty with Onions, Cheese and Guacamole: MY WAY: Bake ground chuck patties in oven that have been seasoned on top with Garlic Powder, Garlic Salt, Steak Seasoning and Cayenne Pepper; when all the way cooked, melt cheese squares on them (any flavor); top with Raw Onion Ring Slices and Wholly Guacamole...can add bun but not necessary...
The other night my husband fixed me an amazing dinner...a Deep Green Chicken Salad...Our Way:
1) Chopped Collard Greens
2) Chopped Mustard Greens
3) Diced Chicken (we used deboned Rotisserie chickens from Walmart)
4) Cheese
5) Ranch Dressing

I ate Brazil Nuts with it and it was a nice, complete meal

Oh my, I have never had those kind of greens before and not only did they taste delicious, they were so rich nutrient-wise that I could taste the healthiness...thank you baby for a new dinner inspiration and for taking such good care of wifey...;)

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