Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Check List

So I have been considering my days and my routines and what I am to do to be the kind of woman that the devil says, "Oh crap, she's up" when my feet hit the ground each thing I am trying to put behind me is the need for too much's not that I sleep tons, but I cherish sleep a little too much I think because of the challenge I have had with sleep...yesterday, I was tired around 4:30 in the afternoon...we had to leave around 5:30 to go to our son's school play, and I new that it was either a caffeine pill (that often makes me feel sick) or always get the blood and endorphins flowing in my body and renews me...I did yoga and did feel revived...

The thing is: sticking to a regimen...and it does require the discipline of not letting myself wander from the things I am supposed to do...for instance, when I get on my computer, so often I just start surfing for blogs that I can follow...and, no, there is nothing wrong with this except that I don't have time for that...I only have time for correspondence whether through blogging or emailing or texting.

My Routine:
1) Christ: Wielding & Wooing with the Word, my Sword, Praise & Prayer
2) Hubby: Cuddling..., Communication, Massage, Workout Together, Food
3) My Kids: One-on-One Time, Sharing Movies Together, Food
4) Family & Friends: Correspondence (Text, Blog, Email), Time (Visiting, Baking Together, Sharing Movies), Food
5) Kiddos: Books, Music, Open-ended Crafts & Toys
6) Home: Tidy 
7) Yoga (throughout the day)
8) Crafting: Good News Notes
9) Car Time: Sing!!!
10) Free Time (Reading Books, Thrifting for Books, Pinterest)
11) Exhaustion (Nap, Movies or TV)

So these 11 things are what I feel called to at this time...this is my Proverbs 31...and having this concise list will help me keep my focus...must ask, "Am I doing one of these things? And have I chosen the right one for the time?"

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