Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things Accomplished List: Promotes Peace & Gratefulness

I echo the mentality of Ann Voskamp in One Thousand being overtaken by all the failing...failing, failing, failing...the constant failing. She started a gratitude list, and I mean she has an eye and heart honed to the most miniscule to the mightiest joys in life. Something hit me yesterday as I was babysitting; I was worried that I had failed by not doing enough educational stuff with the baby...while he was sleeping, I began to blog on Baking & Babies and by writing down the things that we had done together, I was able to relax by realizing what I had accomplished...

Oswald Chambers wrote a line that I wish I could is in one of my books about Over Analyzing the Self and it is something like this: Transact all business in light of the Atonement alone. "Stop Striving & know that I am God." There is something about resting & relaxing in Him and not trying so hard all the does help to make a list of things that He has enabled me to accomplish each day. Not for glory for me, but for a sense of peace, I guess, and of thanks to Him for His power and presence...

So here goes:

1) Blogged
2) Time with my sweet Toddler Boy
     a) enjoyed sensory experiences of eating french fries, potato soup, mac and cheese, orange juice at Chilis
     b) enjoyed attention from sister Dawn, the wait staff and me
     c) listened, watched & sang to Annie, Get Your Gun!, Oklahoma! and Oliver ~ all Broadway Musicals
     d) sensory experiences outside with green grass, sticks and brown leaf
     e) lulled him to sleep with Fisher Price's version of "Rock-a-bye Baby"
3) Lunch with Sister Dawn
4) Fixed Dinner: Pork Loin ~ spiced with Olive Oil, Fiesta Steak Seasoning and Balsamic Vinegar, Rice and
    Green Beans
5) Time with Mandie 
6) Hubby massage

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