Monday, June 11, 2012

Free Happiness


15 Things you Should Give Up to Be here

"Money distracts us from what's important"..German Grandmother lives money here

The need to make money has haunted me all my adult is a stronghold, I believe, that the evil in the world wants me to worry about so that I don't accomplish the purpose of God..

Instead, I feel called to ministry for free and to spend as little money as possible..I love what this German Grandma has done..and of course, with a husband and family, I can't just pack a suitcase and backpack and sofa surf, but I can limit my personal use of money..

Necessary Personal Expenses:

1) Car Insurance: $54/month
2) Meds: $61/month
3) Gas: New Goal: 2 tanks a month: $80/month - if friends & family live far away, meet half way at a park to save money..don't limit fellowship, just driving time..

Free or Very Inexpensive Stuff:

1) Books & Movies: read & reread & watch what I already own & Library & Online reading material
2) Decorate with Nature from Yard & Parks
3) Hold Sidewalk Sunday Schools out of Car with Homemade Curriculum - see Kids, Kitties & Kooking for Homemade Curriculum Ideas
4) Write & Photograph..Post Online & in Journal..(one dollar journals available at Michaels) and 4x6 photo prints cost about 10 cents each at Walmart or Walgreens

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