Monday, July 9, 2012

Personal Goal for Frugal Spending

Food, Beverage & Supplements, Cleaning & Personal Items, Housing, Utilities plus:
Cell Phone
Family Plan



Car Insurance



2 Tanks Max/Month

Clothing & Accessories


The Vice (Nicotine Lozenges)


Inspiration: Internet – Blogs, Sites
Inspiration: Books & Movies: use library primarily & buy used for books & movies that are staples
Watch Show reruns on Hulu
Inspiration: People: Talk & Text on Cell Phone, Bible Study, Hang in our or other’s Homes & Meet friends for bottomless soft drinks or iced tea & chips and salsa at Chili’s OR bottomless beverages at CafĂ© Brazil

Homemade Curriculum
Children’s Books from Thrift Stores & Clearance at Half-Price Books
Household Items for hands-on experiences from Dollar Tree, Target $ Bins, Michaels $ Bins
Office Supplies: Laminating: self or Mardels, Sharpies, Index Cards, Tape, Scissors, Construction paper

Baked Goods

Homemade Curriculum for Kiddos

Framed Photos/Prints
Other Homemade
Treats from Hubby
Date Nights
Family Outings & Take Out


image from here
Household Items or Appliances that need replacing

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