Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Debbie Macomber ~ Author

Over here I am having the time of my life with Christmas (my very favorite holiday) in July!!! We are working on a Christmas binder so that the holidays don't sneak up on us in November. We are also reading A Cedar Cove Christmas by the adorable Debbie Macomber..

I read here that Debbie was dyslexic, had four kids and started writing on a rented typewriter. After 5 years, her first book was published. She has 120,000 fans..people who have signed her guest book, seen her at book signings and written back and forth with her..she uses the list she has gotten from these functions to correspond with her readers.

Is she not the cutest lady ever and her persistence and graciousness are awesome models to follow.

I usually read books that I can "learn" from and it has been a delight to just coze up with a well-written, yet simple & enjoyable book just for the sake of STORY. Debbie is like Ramona's Beverly Cleary for grown-ups!!!

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  1. I loved Beverly Cleary as a kid:) I'll have to check her books out. And thinking of Christmas already? You are amazing!


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