Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Survival Musings

Survival mode, bare necessity living. I'm drawn into this often as it applies to : our physical dwelling, our need for technology, and transportation.
Our family has a nice, simple home and we have all the modern conveniences. My husband takes awesome care of his family! I just like to be prepared for anything and to try and not be too dependent even now on stuff. 
If ever needed, camp out in a backyard which has a covered porch - for shade and safety, a pool - to cool off in summer, and a hot tub - to warm up in winter. Offer to cook or clean for the person whose yard we are using. Use bathroom facilities at a rec center, which will cost a fee per month for the family.
Have a car and a cell phone (no data). Blog on the cell phone (which I do now) as well as stay in touch. Use internet at the library. Check out books from the library. Buy $1 journals at Michaels or Target (dollar bin). Buy card & dice games to play. Go see dollar movies for fun. 
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