Monday, July 2, 2012

Swimming Joys

Can I just gush about the joys of swimming? 
Colors of water and times of day : clear aqua water against our peach skin, needing chlorine lake-like green-blue water, the floor's wavy sun designs on bright days, the night light ambiance. 
The freedom that, unlike on land, I can really dance in the water. The mermaid finesse that I attempt at. And one of my kids asking if I liked synchronized swimming, gave me some hope that maybe there is some grace to my twirls and dives.
I have been known to say that ways to rejuvenate are stretching and showers..gets the body refreshed and the endorphins rushing. Well, why not swimming? It's a combo of both!
Mostly, the connections that we have as a family when we all swim together..the deep talks while we tread water, the cannon balls, the splashing to make a wave pool. 
And those rare but ecstatic times when my hubby and I get some alone time to kiss and relive our first swim together in that pool..
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  1. I can just picture a perfect day at the lake. So fun! I can't wait for those days. Right now I am trying to teach my eldest to swim.

    1. It has provided so much together time for my family..and is a great way to rejuvenate after a long day..


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