Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Careless & Callous

My daughter Kaylin is 21 and has moved out of our home and into a situation that does not seem for her best. I think about the way she was when she lived here which frustrated me so much at times, because she pretty much camped out and watched TV or was online for the majority of her days. But, I have to admit that I hold her up as an example to myself, not because I support her being lazy, but because I pretty much have to force myself to feel okay about relaxing, having an almost careless & callous attitude towards what I feel other people are trying to demand of me (and I say "what I feel" because I know some of these demands are just in my head). My Lord & my husband alone are my authorities. Doing unto others what I would like done to me are my marching orders. I have to balance this, though, not allowing guilt over unreasonable expectations of those I don't answer to.

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  1. Expectations are draining and debilitating. Christ makes everything He desires for us a delight. No need to accept anything less from people.


  2. Sometimes we just have to let people find their own way. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!


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