Monday, July 30, 2012

Healthy Dieting & Holiday Baking

Ever since I met my husband, I have been gaining weight..and for a good cause, because me being plump is a result of my happiness. Yet, another reason is because I am on a medication that has a side effect of weight gain. Therefore, knowing that I am healthier because of joy than I have ever been, but wanting to shed some weight, I am cutting down on carbs and processed sugar. Meats, cheese, nuts & nut butter, and fruit are my main foods. I drink tea with lemon and sweet & low as my main beverage. The main difference is not eating breads (although I allow low calorie saltine crackers), pastas, rice, potatoes, and desserts.

I am glad because so often when I diet, I go to the extreme and can't stick to it. But I have been faithful for a week and a half so far. And this diet is a lifestyle change I want to continue.

I have decided to allow 2 weeks at Christmas time, 1 week at Valentines, and 1 week at Easter to go all out in baking and cooking savory and sweet treats and let myself indulge during these 4 weeks each year. Otherwise, I plan to stay on my low-carb diet.

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    1. Thank you..I have been able to stick to this diet for almost 2 weeks now, and it hasn't been too hard..


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