Monday, August 27, 2012

Movie Club: Smart Cookies ~ Inspiration for My Work

I watched Smart Cookies on Hallmark last week and thought it was cute. I so often, when I see a movie that inspires me, want to jump in and do what they do. Ooooh, wouldn't it be fun to be a den mother in a girl scout troop?! I think. But, I am learning that I can't do everything that inspires me, but I can learn from everything and apply it to my life's work. 

I love my writing time. But things had gotten a little unbalanced in my life. I was not cooking and cleaning as much as I needed and it was wearing me down. The physical exertion in my home, although at times, overwhelming, is very rewarding as I work up a sweat, see the results, and hear the ooohs and ahhhs over yummy food!

So when I wake up in the mornings, I drink coffee while pinning, then I'm up, tidying, scrubbing and cooking. So much fun! I didn't realize how much I had missed my kitchen. I've condensed some of my networking time and I've personalized my writing more. 

Don't forget to Watch Jane Eyre on Ovation, Sept. 3 or 4!!!

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  1. This was one neat movie... It was totally predictable, but that was ok. The twists and turns came in how it all played out. It was never pretentious and it new what it's place was so none of the actors played it out too much. Altogether an enjoyable flick about a fattening treat. (Which means more kissing to kill the extra calories, right honey?)


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