Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wordless Weekends with Mini Captions ~ Body Image

I have been on a diet and don't feel like I have lost hardly anything..I believe much of this is due to a medication I am and must be on..

having a husband who calls me "hot" is both a comfort & a shock, as before him, I thought the only thing I could possibly squeeze out of people was them calling me "cute"

and here is the perfect new doll for little girls!!!

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  1. Love the ads...and the doll. When I look back through my old photos, I remember how I always felt I was overweight, BUT the pictures prove me wrong. I'd give anything to look like that now. If our mind (influenced by society and negative words spoken over us) has a way of believing the lies, we can renew it with God's Word and discipline it to believe the truth. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and, of course that does not mean trashing our bodies to the max. ;)

    Watched Sherlock Holmes last night and wondered what movies you were up to this weekend. :) With tropical storm Isaac hitting our area, the sound of the wind and the rain against our windows added a special touch to it all. Movie was creepy and witty at the same time. Loved it, but then again, I'm a huge fan of Robert Downey, Jr.

    Have a great week. Oh yes, and keep writing!!!! Our greatest calling is God's throne, but that does not stop us from enjoying many gifts along the way, none of which should deter us from the calling itself. :)


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