Monday, August 6, 2012

My Holster (fanny pack) & Gun (the glue kind)

This is just a silly, fun little post about 2 things that make my life function easier. 

I told my husband a few weeks ago that I needed a fanny pack as I always am concerned about someone taking my purse when I set it in the basket at the grocery store. Somehow, having a purse on my shoulder gets in the way or is always slipping off my shoulder. So, my sweetheart searched the internet and ordered me a nice one. Can I just say how great it is to lasso it around my waist and carry the essentials in it: I have my phone, my camera, pens, sticky notes, monetary & legal needs, toiletries, & my keys hooked on the side. Everything has a place & therefore it stays organized all the time. And to access it, I just unzip at my waist and everything is right there. For times when I want to carry it like a purse, i.e. when I am on a date with my hubby or going to church (something more dressy), I just carry in like a purse on my shoulder. 

I love glue guns. One of my goals is to always have something for my hands to do, say when I am watching a movie or visiting with a friend. Something that I can do and still focus on the convo or show. What I really want to do is make Scripture Pictures, using cut out pics from magazines & picture books bought at the thrift store, pieces of nature, fabric, paper, and printed out in a cool font, Bible verses. My glue gun in the perfect way to attach all these pieces to construction paper and then attach it the construction paper to cardstock or card board.

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