Monday, January 30, 2012

Introducing Miss Tink Chandler, Sunday School Nursery Ministry, Pages in My Notebook

Three things to share today:

1) Toby and Tabitha are going to have a new baby sister today...Miss Tink Chandler is joining our family around 6 this evening...we are beside ourselves with excitement...what is so precious is that daddy just really, in my opinion, had a call from God that now was the time for a new baby...he started looking at shelters and a couple of nights ago told me that he saw a picture that reminded him of his Siamese, Chang, that he used to sweet husband got tears in his eyes realizing how much he missed that dear boy...touched me deeply...I have heard the story about how after my husband moved out of his parents' home 25 or so years ago that Chang would sit at the front door just waiting for his boy to come back home...dear...

2) A very exciting proposition was offered to me last night...a next step into children's husband and mother-in-law (also secretary at our church) asked me if I was interested in organizing a curriculum and teaching it in our nursery on Sundays...I immediately accepted the challenged and plan on spending the next two weeks a presentation of ideas and goals...

3) I have made pages for these topics in my notebook and plan to stick to these priorities to keep me on track:

a) Jesus - because He pulled me up with His love when I was drowning
b) Hubby - because I love him with all that I am
c) Children - because they are my calling in life
d) Cooking & Tidying - because this is what delights my family & friends
e) Seasons/Holidays - because these occasions give us times to stop and celebrate
f) Yoga - because this regimen rejuvenates my mind & body and keeps me intent on my goals
g) Reading, Journaling & Friendships - because these offer the spice and springboards in my life

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