Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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I have come across 4 amazing blogs that delight my artistic and mommy/nanny mind...I wanted to share them:

Julia's Bookbag here

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves here

Bloesem Kids here

My Vintage Book Collection here

Bacon & Cheese
When I buy bacon, I learned from my husband to buy the bits and pieces large is more economical and is easier to cook...I just load up 3 microwave racks full, cover with a paper towel and microwave for between 10 to 12 minutes. My mother-in-law was so grateful that I had done this the other day as it was a good and easy grab for breakfasts, so she asked me if we could keep having that on hand.

Another thing I did when I grocery shopped last week was buy a big hunk of colby/jack cheese and used our amazing cheese slicer and cut it in slices to be used on sandwiches, crackers or just by husband just today took some cheese with some bacon for his lunch today...

Another thing exciting me on this 1st of February is the dream of the coming summer...I plan to spend a lot of time in the pool both for fun and for exercise...I found this pic of a boat deck and am delighted by it...I want us by pool season to have our patio cleaned and comfy and always have baskets of fruit and fruit juices available for those long summer days for health and hydration...we have a wooden picnic table and double and single wooden rockers plus two children's wooden rockers...from this pic, I want to scout out the thrift stores to find fun and colorful cushions for these seats...

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