Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't Throw Him Out...please

A church that my family attended when I was a kid really screwed up our perception and understanding of God...and I, from the years of 2002-2010 threw off everything about Christ...threw the Savior out with the dirty bath water, instead of clinging to the hope of Jesus and trying to decipher my way out of the muck of brothers also have been in a battle for truth ever since and one thing that I have said to them is that although they have questions and doubts and are seeking fiercely for truth, they have not done something that I did...and that is reject Jesus completely. God used the violence of the Christ-haters as a means for Jesus to die for our redemption, so thanks be to Him, He uses all things to bring about His good plan. I know that although my rejection was not His way, He is using it today in me to help others see that abandonment of Christ completely put me in the darkest, drowning well ever. If I can help others see that questioning and doubting are okay but to not ever throw he Savior out, I will perhaps be a vessel to keep others from the despair I is not His fault...He loves despite anything that happens...

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