Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Many Hats...Fun!!!

Been trying to prioritize lately...especially setting aside things that zap time...therefore, computer can only be used for correspondence, recipes and nursery church lesson regular tv - just much of me wants to live on as little as possible and cable seems unnecessary...I just am known to mindlessly surf the web or channel flip and I see how much wasted time this produces.

People not projects...yes, there are things that need to get done in the home, but I have to admit, I really dread spending all day cleaning and organizing so I try and give myself a small goal of something to accomplish in the home then I can go out and connect with others - mutually encourage and thrift with Martha, play with baby Seth while chatting with his mama, fight battles through singing worship with Sister Laura, etc.

Our baking ministry/business is really taking off...we made over $40 on girls worked so hard all day Saturday and we made Easter Egg Chocolate Cake Pops and Decorated Bunny and Carrot Sugar Cookies...proceeds are going toward the children's home our church supports as well as goals my girls want to save for...

2 more large crock pots have been put on my heart when we can afford them so that I can cook dinners for families who need them - excited: love going to town with my cooking for lots and lots of people!!!

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