Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advantages of my Tiny, Basic Telephone

I wrote here about my new hand extension, my tiny telephone..just wanted to update the goodness I have encountered from it:

1) Having just a number screen and not a full keyboard lets me be able to text blog posts as well as regular texts with one hand while using my free hand to give that sweet hubby of mine (whose love language is physical touch), those head massages and fingers through hair he loves..

2) Not having data keeps my online time confined to my scheduled laptop time & doesn't distract me from having web literally at my fingertips

3) All I can use my phone for is talking, texting and scheduling, therefore, when I have some down time with my phone, I look at my blog ideas and blog instead of automatically going to Pinterest or Facebook..

4) Yes, it is my little mini friend, keeping me both focused and connected..

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