Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mexican-Inspired Facets to My Life

My son over the past several weeks has been adamant about buying our meat from our local MEXICAN MARKET. We thought that it would cost so much more than Wal-mart, where we usually buy our meat. But he thought otherwise, so we gave him the go-ahead to try it out.

He bought marinated chicken strips for $2.60 #, ground chorizo for $2.19 #, & beef cubes for $3.59 #. Currently at Wal-mart, I spend about $2.33 # for chicken breasts and $2.80 # for ground chuck.

The prices at the Mexican Market are slightly more, but the meat is fresh and the quality seems so much higher. Besides this, having the meat pre-marinated with the perfection of authentic Mexico is too hard to resist.

Our son has now taken on the role of Official Meat Connoisseur for our family!

SIESTAS have now become a pattern in my day. I try to get up with my husband in the morning to help him get off to work, do my cooking, cleaning, blogging, ministry work until 3 ish, and then nap for a couple of hours. It really helps me be refreshed when my husband comes home from work and we are able to usually have a late night together. I love it! It is nice to know that when I finish my morning/afternoon chores, I can nap, wake refreshed and continue to have a fun and productive night.

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