Saturday, July 28, 2012

Movie Club: How to Fall in Love AND New Movies to Watch!!!

How to Fall in Love was sweet..a good and wholesome approach to dating. Little things jumped out at me about Harold..he had an eye for photography ~ "preserving the perfect moment", he collected vintage love song albums, and he wa s a good cook..I say these are tremendous qualities as well as the innocence he had, a good old-fashioned guy.

The whole scene about his love of Sinatra, etc. reminded me of an endearing sequence that happened between our kids, Kaylin and Christopher. Christopher had serenaded a date with Sinatra and got made fun of by her to her friends. 
The kids' daddy has made sure the children are cultured and well rounded, especially in the area of music. But when Kaylin heard about how her little brother was slighted, she stood up for him. Unfortunately, it was a Facebook drama, but it was still dear to see the siblings have each others' back.

One other little thing stood out to me. And that was at the beginning when Annie speaks of how being an event planner consists of using fabric swatches, scraps of paper & a hot glue gun..I love this!!! Simplicity..I would also add in using the plethora of pieces of nature..perfect & practically free decor..

Nell on Ovation ~ a young woman who grew up as a hermit and those who discover and help her..looks very much like something that will satisfy my survivalist mentality..

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 The Music Teacher on Hallmark ~ sounds reminiscent of Mr. Holland's Opus..perfect for my love of singing!!!

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  1. Busy weekend so I missed these. How to Fall in Love sounds like a good one.
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

    Much love!

    1. I love trips to your blog!!! And yes, July was super busy for us too..hugs my friend!!!

  2. Bonnie, I sent out a group email to many of my blogging neighbors last week explaining a scary incident I experienced while traveling with my daughter. I was not going to use my name on my blog (yes, that creepy), but I reconsidered and chose not to be a victim of fear--never have been and sure won't start now. Actually, I hope this angry human being finds one of my pages and gets convicted. I didn't have your email but if you noticed some comments disappearing, it was during my 15 min or so of panic.

    Anywho, have a great Monday.


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