Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Renovations on Our Home

Tile for Shower and Wall..Paint Color for Sink Cabinet, Above Toilet Shelves, and Molding
Lighting Idea
Lighting Idea
Mirror/Medicine Cabinet
Drawers for under Cabinet
Bead Board for Paneling some of the wall space
Faucet for Sink

So yes, even though I am at the ripe age of 37, married a year and a half, this was the first time ever that I got to go shopping for renovations in my own home..we are redoing our was hubby and I scanning the aisles and making our own decisions on what we like..this is the kind of thing that I had really started to fear would never be allowed me..I can't understand, after all my rebellion and hate, how Jesus could have literally poured blessings upon me in the form of my husband, kids and a home..I see so many others who seem so incredibly more worthy..I am proof that mercy and not merit are His way..

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  1. Last sentence was beautiful! Love you sissy<3 ~Lissie

  2. You have great perspective! I love how excited you are to redo the bathroom and can't wait to see the results. Thanks for linking up at Mom's Library!


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