Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reasons to Massage Husbands

Reasons for giving my Hubby a massage

1) my husband needs one for medical reasons as his lymph nodes don't pump fluid like they should and must be stimulated..

2) my husband's primary love language is physical touch & massage helps fulfill this love need as well as connects us through the energy that is swapped between the two of us during this time (me massaging him is actually therapeutic to me too..A) kind of like "wax on, wax off" on The Karate Kid..the repetitive motion relaxes me B) the movement & pressure applied is also a gentle workout..)

3) one of the most important benefits of massage is how much it releases toxins & tensions in my husband and usually puts him in what I think is one of his most restful & rejuvenating sleep times..I put a wet washcloth on the back of his neck & let him sleep..

Click HERE to see the lymphedema massage method post that I learned from an occupational therapist

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